ARTS operates based on an Asset Light and Diversified Network Optimiser model.

Over the past decade, 80% of transport or supply chain contracts were bulk/well planned movements. Just 20% were ad hoc, last minute or out of the ordinary movements. As a norm, customers have been offered a contract or service, through which 80% of the volumes need to be executed through dedicated solutions. We hold a substantial share in this market.

Yet it is in the 20% that mission critical movements are called for, from peaks and critical deliveries to “deal breaker sales” to be delivered yesterday on time. This 20% is also our field of play, which includes the planning and executing of unforeseen break bulk and out of gauge consignments, through a dedicated network.

In addition, many cargo owners (customers) are encouraged or forced by Boards or Sustainability Strategies to appoint more than one contractor. ARTS is not bound to capex approvals, asset turnover goals or minimum quantities and offers customers ‘platinum status’ service as a secondary supplier.

ARTS offers goods-in-transit insurance, which is capped at R2 million per load. Customers can be provided with the full details of this on request and the cover can also be increased on request.


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